10 July 2014

Sigma Beauty Brow Highlight Duo - Well-Lit, Ray Of Light, Bring To Light, Goddess Glow - Swatches & Review

Sigma Beauty Brow Highlight Duo in Well-Lit, Ray Of Light, Bring To Light, and Goddess Glow

Sigma Beauty Brow Highlight Duo ($14.00 for 3g available at sigmabeauty.com) - are buttery, smooth, and are available in a variety of shades to suite everyone. This product is great for adding the finishing touch to any eye look. The Brow Highlight Duo was created to help sharpen and polish the brows.

Watch my video where I share more about why I love this product and how I like to use it:

I enjoy using the matte shade to lay down over a cream base and apply all over my eye area - from lid all the way to under the brow. This helps every other eyeshadow I use to blend beautifully. I also like mixing the matte and frost shades to create a custom highlight shade that's not too matte or too frosty. 

left shade: matte, cool petal pink
right shade: frost, subtle apricot

left shade: matte, lightest buttery cream
right shade: frost, candlelit shimmer glow

left shade: matte, soft creamy nude
right shade: frost, neutral sandy shimmer

left shade: matte, creamy cantaloupe
right shade: frost, natural golden shimmer


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