13 May 2014

Closet Office / YouTube Beauty Video Filming Setup

If you have followed me over the last few months you know I've been doing and re-doing my makeup room/office constantly (to my husband's delight). I wanted this room to be a pleasant place to hang out, however, with my filming equipment such as lighting, camera, tripod, etc., it became very cluttered looking. 

Solution? Many hours on Pinterest. 

I decided to maximize space in this room by removing the built-in closet shelves and using the closet space as my filming setup. 

Then we (and by we I mean my husband) removed the closet doors. Then we put up a curtain rod that curves out 5 inches from the wall to maximize closet space. The curtain rod is from JC Penny and you can see it here.

Finding curtains was tricky because I wanted them to be shabby chic but semi opaque. It turns out this combination isn't easy to come by. One fine day I found the perfect curtains at Tj Maxx.

We mounted the TV to the wall, moved in my filming equipment, and boom I have my closet office. Best part is I can shut the curtains and the clutter disappears. Perfection.

my YouTube beauty video filming setup... in my closet

no more clutter from filming equipment!

To see an in depth makeup room tour watch my video - Makeup Room Tour + New Filming Setup + Ikea Storage & Organization:


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