27 December 2013

Makeup Room Makeover Series Part 1: Makeup Room Tour, Organizing, Brush Cleaning & Storage

Hey everyone. One of my goals for the New Year is to de-clutter and get organized… and my first project is my makeup room / office. I’ve finally collected all the furniture and pieces I want to have something along the lines of “my dream makeup room” setup. If you guys like this type of content I will continue to bring you on my journey. I aim to purchase less makeup and enjoy more of my favorites. I want to focus on quality versus quantity. I hope you enjoy and will join me on this journey!
IKEA Expedit cubes / shelving unit - 5 x 5 with Expedit door inserts, Expedit 2 drawer inserts, and Drona boxes
IKEA Alex 6 drawers - 2 units stacked


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